New Original laptop Lenovo ThinkPad L440 T440P T440 T440S T450 E555 E531 T431S T540P W540 L540 E540 E550 T460 Synaptics Touchpad FRU PN : 00HM535 Compatible With 00HM541 00HM540 rPGA947 for UMA Laptop Notebook PC Motherboard Mainboard Trackpad Three Button Keys Thinkpad T450S T550 L450 lenovo IBM thinkpad R500 motherboard 15 intel GM45 DDR3 42W7982 Free Shipping 100% test ok 20V 4.5A 90W AC /DC Power Supply Adapter Battery Charger IBM/Lenovo R400 SL300 SL400 SL500 battery 92P1142 42T4504 42T4513 42T5233 92P1137 92P1139 92P1141 For Lenovo/IBM Cord T400s T410s T410i notebook caderno universal charger 6600mAh 9 Cell 92P1133 42T4619 42T4511 + LENOVO T60 T60P T61 R60 R61 Z60 Akemy 42W7651 42W7875 MAIN BOARD FOR 15.4 LAPTOP MOTHERBOARD 965GM free cpu HSW 5200mAh R60e R61e R61i T60p T61p T500 W500 41U3196 41U3198 ASM 42T5265 T400 T61p(14.1 widescreen) JIGU Hot Sell Lenovo/ Z61 92P1140 40Y6799 92P1138 NEW (14.1 42T5262 Backlit English Keyboard L530 T430 T430S X230 W530 T530 T530I T430I 04X1263 04W3048 04W3123 US Palmrest Upper Case keyboard Bezel with touchpad button speaker cable C Cover 04W3496 04X3717 i5-3210M T420 LCD screen 14.0 40pin Matte HD 1366*768 04W0476 93P5687 93P5697 04W3330 04W3651 93P5691 LPW140H2 original T430s T430si I5-3210 SWG mainboard 04X3721 04Y1748 04X1591 X270 X260 X240 X240S X250 T470P K2450 W550S 45N1136 45N1738 68+ SP THINKPAD Spanish 04Y2736 New/Orig French Canadian L460 04Y0864 0C02255 04Y0826 00HW878 Touch Rear Back Display Screen Lid Shell 00HN682 SCB0G57225 00HT234 45N1113 45N1773 45N1108 x240 x250 x260 x270 X230s S440 S540 FHD IPS 72% NTSC LED B140HAN01.2 B140HAN01.3 04x0436 Replacement No Backlight Layout Camera Cable Series,P/N 00HM048 00HN686 00HN685 00HW452 04X3869 NOKOTION T460S 00JT967 00JT968 BT460 NM-A421 SR2F1 i7-6600U Geforce 930M 2G Built-in 720P Module Webcam T470 T480 T570 T580 P51S P52S A475 A485 01HN370 01HN371 01HN372 E480 E485 E490 E580 E585 E590 R480 L480 L580 Clickpad 01LV527 01LV539 25 12PIN FFC 00UR501 00UR500 CT470 NM-A931 i5-7200U 01LV673 01HX638 01AX979 45112801018 4511280102Z Smart Card NBX0001JQ00 01YR514 01AX969 i5-7300U SR340 DDR4 Laotop i7-7600U CPU T460s no-touch 00UP061 00UP060 00HT943 E465 Non-touch 14 30 Pin AG 1920*1080 LP140WF6(SP)(B7) LP140WF6(SP)(B6) N140HCA-EAB 01ER058 TR Turkish 01HX366 01HX326 01AX474 01AX433 01AX392 T480/ A485/ /01HX499 01AX528 01AX446/ Black Keypad CFB 01HX376 01HX416 01HX336 01AX484 01AX443 01AX956 01AX957 COVER NO Fingerprint hole AM12D000200/Bottom Base AP12D000600 Briefcase style Bag super slim sleeve pouch cover,microfiber leather case S2 2018 Cameron Sino 2800mAh Edge S230u Twist 45N1092 45N1093 45N1094 Notebook, 3.25A 3000 C100 C200 N100 N200 V100 V200 S220 S420 S430 Plug RU W541 W550s T540 T540p 0C44592 0C44913 0C44952 DK Danish T560 P50S 04Y2474 04Y2396 gesture function W550 E545 E560 E450T 04X5292 48.4LO13.021 N15P-Q1-A2 Tested Memory RAM Panel Door 60.4LO13.001 TESED OK Frame Test Good PN:0C44952 04Y2387 57100Y Norwegian L560 04Y2709 48.4LO27.011 04X5512 USB Ethernet Board Port L5-6131P Dual Band 7260NGW AN Bluetooth4.0 FRU: 04X6008 independent graphics card without 12291-2 k2100m Q3 W8P HM87 00HW114 LKM-1 WS MB shipping SHELI 04X5335 48.4LO14.021 HM86 tested Cooler Cooling Fan Heatsink X1 Yoga 1st Carbon 4th 00JT800 01AW976 01YT252 2nd Gen SM10M69725/SM10M69731 High Quality 65W Ac Wall G400 G500 G505 G405 13.