5 7 9 Inches HD LCD Displayer with WF10X Eyepiece for Stereo or Biological Microscope Electronic Monitor Screen Video 0.75X 0.5X 2.0X 0.35X 1X Barlow Auxiliary Objective Glass Lens For 200X 180X 300X C MOUNT Industry Camera 7X-45X 3.5X-270X Simul-Focal Trinocular Zoom Set 0.5x 2.0x HDMI USB 195-Type Double Achromatic Professional FYSCOPE Brand New 1set 4x 10x, 40x, 100x achromatic biological microscopes , DIN1160mm 4X 10X 20X 40X 60X 100X 185 Precision Copper Core 20.14mm High Quality Plan Accessories Parts RMS to Adapter Mount Sony E NEX NEX3 NEX5 NEX7 4X, 10X, 40X, 4PCS L=185 thread mouning size 1080P Dental Operating Portable Surgical Microscope/endodontic With 16 mega 3.5-270X Continuous Simul Focal Binocular WD165 lens Phone Motherboard Soldering 1000X Digital LED WiFi Mobile Smartphone PCB Inspection Tools 0.7X 1.0X Objects 0.3X 1.5X 2X 48mm Thread B1 Base Desk Mat Heat Insulation Silicone Pad Maintenance Platform BGA Repair Station Tool Mustool G1200 12MP 1-1200X Inch Display 500X Microscopes Amplification Magnifier 2 PCS 40mm Dia. Rubber Eye Shield Guards Cups Telescope Microsocpe 130X 13MP 56 Light Universal Aluminum Alloy Stand Adjustable Holder Bracket Lifting bottom lighting Foothold Table Frame Ring 5V 60 illuminator Lamp UV Oil Smoke Proof Mirror 3.5X-90X Boom 38MP SMD Microscopio 1600X Interface Electron microscopio 8 VGA Electronics 130x Full Titanium Ultra Microemulsion Sucking Handle uitrasonic injection handle Microscopic Ophthalmic Instruments Anti-Dust Source Protection White 72pcs Illuminator Black Industrial 2K TF Card Storage 120X Welding 948 Optical Glasses X Ruler Stage Micrometer Reticle Calibration Slide Angle Dot Measurement hemostatic vein clip small vessel arterial pet experiment closed device temporary blocking Andonstar V160 Support Measuring Software WIFI Optional Lights Toys Kids Kit Lab 400X 1200X Home School Science Educational Toy Children Gift Handheld 3 In 1 Type-C LEDs screen Hanging Bar Rod Metal Arm System 36-38mm Caps Inner Diameter 35 mm Binoculars Eyeshade Hood ADD On X-Y Graduated Mechanic Scale Attachment Reticles Formaturas 2021 Simul-focal 21MP G1000 8MP 4.3 Endoscope 2PCS WF10x Diopter Mounting Size 30 Field of View 23 945 Multifunctional Accuracy Graticule Metric Metallurgical Objectives 0.35x C-Mount TV1/2 1/3 CTV Luminance 144 CCD 76mm Focus LAB 720P Camera+100X Lens+56 + FHD SONY Sensor IMX290 60FPS Measure Amplifying 1-20mm 12 Blades Iris Diaphragm Aperture Condenser 95mm Ground Working Board Fixture Clamp Plate Jig Blood Cell Count Grid Counting Chambers Hemocytometer Yeast Biology Wifi Hair Analyzer Skin Detector IS9 Smart Scalp Small Analysis Device Android miniscope ring light 0 - 100% adjustable lamp 450X 48MP 36MP 600X 3.6MP phone 250X Hayear 150X C-mount Backlight Illuminated 3X 45X Aid Reading Seniors loupe Jewelry Mechanical Condensor Modules Medium DIA 32mm Pillar Fixed IMX334 4K UHD 1/1.8 USB3.0 GE Port Output Function.