Original Mean Well RQ-50B 50W Quad output 5V/12V/-5V/-12V Meanwell Power Supply Taiwan MEAN WELL APC-35 35W Constant Current Switching 350 / 500 700 1050mA LED lighting Transformer RS-35-24 36W/1.5A/24V DC Single Output meanwell online store LPV-100-5 /12/15/24/ 36/48V 100W Driver For advertising display screen MDR-20 5V 12V 15V 24V MINI switch power source 85-264VAC input 20W dc din rail supply UL CE Industrial switching ERDN20-5/12/24/48V 20A chassis enclosed redundant module OK 1.5HP 1.1KW Borehole Deep Water Submersible Pump 4000l/h 220-240V 20M Cable Immersible Stainless steel Complete Tattoo kits Pro Gun Machine Pedal 10 Color Ink Sets Disposable Needle Grip Balanced CREALITY 3D Ender-3 Printer Printing Masks Magnetic Build Plate Resume Failure KIT JUNCTEK sell-well DPM8624 60V 24A digital adjustable with low price APV-25-12 12V/2.1A Voltage design 25.2W RS-15-48 To 48V 0.313A 15W Led mean well 64.8W 1.35A PCB MPS-65-48 open frame Medical type 16W PCD-16 AC phase-cut dimmable led driver 700mA 220VAC SMPS 350mA 1400mA HDR-60-15 4A 60W Ultra Slim Step Shape DIN Rail RS-150-15 150W/10A/15V DCW03B-12 single encapsulated S-1000W12 24 36 SE-450-24 450W 18.8A 110V/220V to 2 years warranty Xlg-240 Series 240W Outdoors Waterproof Adjustable Light Band Pfc HDR-100 HDR-100-24N HDR-100-12N MDR-60-5 mounted 12A 85~264VAC EPS-45-C PSU ac Enclosed 3.3V 7.5V 27V 36V 8A 1A 3A mini size RS-150-3.3 99W/30A/3.3V UHP-200-24 Fanless 8.4A 201.6W Type With PFC Display LRS-350-36 36V/9.7A/349W HLG-60H-24A 2.5A AC/DC RSP-3000 3000W RSP-3000-12 RSP-3000-24 RSP-3000-48 HRP-150-24 150W 6.5A HRP-150 function Genuine LPC-35-1050 31.5W CB smps NED-50 220v 12v 54W regulated Dual 2A 6A DRP-480S-48 480W 10A RS-35-15 36W/2.4A/15V LRS-75-12 LRS-75 5 12 15 48 V 75W dimming HLG-320H-54B 320W 5.95A 54V IP67 3 in 1 waterproof CNC MW for printer and UHP-500R-5 5V/80A 400W ELG-150-C1050A 525~1050mA 72~143V IP65 current ELG-150-C S-1200-12V 100A supply, external control 0-5 adjustable, constant voltage, certification ELG-75-C350A 107-214V RT-50D +5V +24V +12V Triple SDR-120-48 120W Function RSP-2400W big Parallel 2400W RD-125-2412 133.2W 24V/12V 3.7A Free shipping 405351-003 408947-001 TDPS-825AB B XW8400 XW9400 Tested Working DL140G3 TDPS-650CB A 440207-001 409841-002 650W working clg-150-12b ip67 lamps v -48 3.2 A150W HLG-150H-48B 48V3.2A,150W Supply,PFC Dimmable transformer 300W ELGC-300-H-AB High Switch 29~56V 5600mA LPF-90-54 1.67A LPF-90 90.18W original LRS-350-15 15v 23.2A LRS-350 348W 24W/24V DIN-RAIL Ethernet Best Price 350W 9.7A FIRECORE Stripping Multifunctional Pliers Crimper Automatic Wire Stripper Tool Cutting Crimping Terminal Tools 600/900 PCS U-Shaped Electrical Connector Insulating Sleeves Small Teeth 0.5-1.5mm² Termin 280Pcs boxed Assorted Crimp Butt Ring Fork Set Lugs Rolled KitSpade Terminals Insulated LAOA 9 Electrician Nose Cutters Hand 10PCS Connectors Universal Wiring Block Strip T Quick COLORS crimping pliers set terminal eletrico wire clip connector electric wiring tools crimper tool plier solar energy 2546B SN-2549R pliers, 8 jaw set, used 2.8 4.8 6.3 vh2.54 3.96 2510 /pipe/terminal other.